Pre-Headline Here

"New Thing Reveals

How To Do Cool Stuff!"

...Even If Big Challenge.

Your name

From The Desk Of Your Name
Your City, State

Dear Friend,

If you'd like to do cool stuff, this will be the most important book you'll ever read.

Here's why,


As you know, a subhead is another way to grab the reader's attention and get her to start reading.

But you've got to back it up with some good copy about the big benefit you can provide her with.

Good ways to open here are descriptions of her challenges, "what if" style questions which "future pace" her towards a big result, or plain old fashioned claims of benefits.

(Of course these claims need to be true.)

The big thing is, this letter is always about ...

Her! (And How She's Going To Benefit From Your Stuff.)

First of all, notice how I did that transition from body copy to headline above.

I learned that from Gary Halbert, God rest his soul.

What a guy!

Anyway - this is where you're introducing the product.

See the graphic on the left?

It's my book cover for the Consulting book.

Obviously you're going to want to replace that with a graphic for your course/book/video/whatever.

Use someone off Fivverr or use

And regardless of what you do, always remember to ...


Set Up The Sub-Heads!.

You want your letter to flow.

You want it easy to read.

And you want the reader to "get it" at a glance ...just by reading the sub-heads.

Writing copy is hard ...and it takes practice to get good at this, which is a wonderful thing.

What's so good about that?

Well ...most people are lazy so they never get good. So if you just get kinda good, you're already ahead of the curve.

Anyway're going to want to set up the reader for your bullets now so say something like, "and you'll also discover ..."

  • Bullet one ...yes. This is the first bullet.
  • Bullet two even if you can't write bullets!
  • Bullet three: big benefits in bullets should be in bold. It makes the reader's subconscious mind pick them up.
  • Bullet 4.
  • Bullet 5.
  • I think you're getting the point here.
  • Bullets are good. They're easy to read and they help you sell.

You're right ...the more the merrier (when it comes to bullets).

But we're not done. You also need ...

To Set Up The Next Sub-Head!

The sub-head above should be used to reveal another huge benefit of the product.

You're basically "stacking" benefits when you do this.

And when you're done, you can ...

Use This Section To Address Objections!


Everybody has a hard time with copy first.

But if you keep at it and model what works, you'll be golden.

See what I did there?

I know you're probably like, "dang ...this copy business seems hard".

And rather than gloss over it, I addressed it head on.

This would be a great place for me to "twist the knife" about how hard it is to get good at copy and then ...

Reveal Another Related Benefit In The Sub Head!

Assuming this letter was selling copy-stuff.

But do you see what I mean?

If this letter was selling a copy course, I could talk about templates ...or "look over my shoulder" stuff ... or swipe files ...or something that could ease the "pain" of whatever area of skepticism I addressed above.

Anyway, whenever you're ready, it's time to ask for the order.

I like to (literally) say ...

Here's What Do Do Next

And then tell them the price and give them ordering instructions.

But we're not done yet because we still need to tell them about ...

The Guarantee!

Tell them what your guarantee is here.

And then set them up for ...

The Bonuses!

I mean c'mon.

You gotta have bonuses, right?

Well about 'em here.

And then give ...

The Call To Action! (Something like, Click below to get it now!)

Yes, I Want This!

Now you just wrap it up and sign off.

Your Name

P.S. Here's where you recap everything.

Tell them what it is.

Tell them the biggest benefits.

Tell them the bonuses.

Tell them the guarantee.

Tell them why to order now.

And of course ...tell them what to do next.